Back Pain

By the age of 15, 20 to 70 percent of children will report back pain. Most children will a have non-specific back pain that is not a result of a serious condition. Some children do have a specific underlying reason for back pain, which may be serious. Non-specific back pain is usually a result of poor posture or a muscle strain. Postural Kyphosis and Scoliosis can be improved with physiotherapy

How can physiotherapy help?

The Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist will undertake a thorough examination and an in depth history to confirm the diagnosis

  • Provide exercises, including core strengthening exercises; stretches and advice regarding levels of activity and participation in sporting activities
  • Postural re-education exercises and activities
  • Provide advice about lifting and carrying objects safely

It is important to remember that…

Children are not simply ‘small adults’, their musculoskeletal system continues to grow and develop in most up to 18 years of age, for some it is even longer! There are growth plates that are active in all bones during the growing years. The growth plates in bones are active at different times of children’s development, making them susceptible to different growth-related conditions and sports related injuries at various stages of childhood.

It is essential that your child is assessed and treated by a Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist who understands this and the implications for treatment and management of the child’s condition.