Why Choose Chiltern Children’s Physiotherapy?

Treating children is not the same as treating adults. Children are growing, developing and learning new skills.

At Chiltern Children’s Physiotherapy we understand child development, and the neurological, physiological and biomechanical differences between children and adults. Our Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapists are trained and experienced in providing physiotherapy for children. We understand the impact that a child’s difficulties can have on both them and their family. We understand the individual child’s needs as well as the needs of the family.

Our aim is to facilitate the child to reach their maximum potential.

Neurological Conditions

Injury to a child’s growing and developing brain is not the same as injury to a mature adult brain where movement skills have already been learnt and refined. Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapists understand brain and childhood development and are able to apply this knowledge to the children that they assess and treat.
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Musculoskeletal and growth related conditions

Children are not simply ‘small adults’, their musculo-skeletal system continues to grow and develop up to 18 years of age, for some it is even longer! There are growth plates that are active in all bones during the growing years. The growth plates in bones are active at different times of children’s development, making them susceptible to different growth-related conditions and sports related injuries at various stages of childhood.

It is essential that your child is assessed and treated by a Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist who understands this and the implications for treatment and management of the child’s condition. Sports and traumatic injuries in a child are managed differently to similar injuries in an adult due to different healing times, mechanical forces, and the growing skeleton.
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Developmental Disorders

A child’s development may be delayed for a number of reasons, they may have been diagnosed with a specific condition or syndrome; but for many children the reason for their delay is unknown.

At Chiltern Children’s Physiotherapy we assess the child’s functional abilities and the skills that they are lacking that are preventing them from reaching the next stage of their development. For some children, their development may be delayed in one area, for example gross motor skills, for other children it may affect other areas of their development as well.
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